The best thing I ever made!!

The best thing I ever made!!

Monday, 9 June 2008

The Toadstool Swap

At last it is finished and posted. Wendy if you're looking - turn away!!

I joined a Toadstool Swap organised by LucyKateCrafts. I didn't follow the tutorial exactly, but the general idea is there. I also didn't learn how to do blanket stitch until after I'd finished . . . .

The little mouse was a flash of inspiration. I thought to myself I wonder if the basic premise of a finger puppet - but stuffed - would work? I'm really quite chuffed with him.
And off it goes to the U S of A!! I hope you like it Wendy.


Charlie P said...

Lucky Wendy!
I like the butterfly and mouse, they're a nice touch :)

wendyhue said...


I do love the toadstool! Thank you very much!


sewspun said...

Cute, cute. I love the butterfly